Water Extraction Removal and Restoration South Florida

If your South Florida home or commercial building has any type of water damage that needs removal / extraction services or has been damaged by mold or just the moisture and is in need of restoration, contact us.

Whether it was from a fire sprinkler, roof leak or some other source of water damage, any delay in extracting the moisture can often lead to toxic mold growth, especially here in Florida where humidity levels can be high for extended periods of time so this can be a real emergency.

How We Help

  • We assess the water damage and provide immediate recommendations on what to do about it
  • We provide you with a comprehensive damage report in the format required by major insurance companies. We will generate the damage report including repair / restoration costs.
  • If there’s still water on the premises, water extraction equipment is used to remove it thoroughly
  • If there’s any type of moisture still present, the areas are dried and dehumidification equipment is used to extract the moisture and dry out the areas.
  • Should mold / mildew removal or remediation be needed, the area is sanitized, the air purified and deodorized.
  • Our service area is South Florida and we also are available for emergency calls 24/7.
  • We work with your home owners or commercial building insurance company if applicable.
  • Our water damage repair and restoration services are fully GUARANTEED.
  • Worry free for you – We provide total management of your project, from inspection to extraction to restoration.
  • Our water and flood damage cleanup services are approved by major insurance companies, and certified to meet all guidelines and government standards including those by the EPA.

Our certified experts will immediately respond to any water damage emergency situation; cleanup, repair and restore the area in no time.

If you have a water or mold situation that needs to be professionally solved, call us immediately 7 days a week at (954) 931-8154 or fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch shortly, sometimes within minutes of you sending your message.