What Is MicroCleaning?

Fort Lauderdale Lead Removal and Abatement - Advanced MicroClean (954) 931-8154MicroCleaning is the process of isolation, containment, air scrubbing and specialize cleaning of all areas whether in a commercial or residential environment that is contaminated with microbial growth such as stachybotrys more commonly known as the “toxic black mold” or Pencillium which are just examples of mold species.  This process includes the removal of mold impacted building materials as well as treating the HVAC systems.

How We Keep Mold Spores Contained

Beware of other companies that simply clean up mold without following proper protocols. The toxic spores can float and lodge elsewhere, causing problems down the road which spells future problems!! AMC avoids those issues by:

• We isolate the work area with the construction of a negative pressure containment using poly walls.
• We use HEPA-filtered scrubbers and  HEPA-filtered vacuums
• We apply a safe, biocide (anti-microbial sanitation) treatment to remove the toxic mold spores as we work
• We apply strategic cleaning and movement to every job site

The type of surface where contamination exists determines the technique or combination of techniques that Advanced MicroClean uses for remediation.

First and foremost, containment – isolation – of the work area is implemented. This is critical in preventing the spread of airborne or contact contamination.

Microbial remediation, Chinese drywall and lead abatement can include MicroCleaning, environmentally sound removal and disposal of contaminated materials (carpet, tile, gypsum, fabrics, etc.), antimicrobial coating application and sanitation.

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